Chocolate Shop Plans to Thrive with Creative New Ranges to Sell Online

Local chocolate shop based in Stamford, Lincolnshire gets creative to save their business during these unchartered times.

Like many retail business owners Stamford Heavenly Chocolates was faced with closure with the recent Government guidelines for social distancing.

With an eight seated workshop area and small retail shop, visitor numbers were falling and fully booked peak season workshops were facing cancellation.

This small growing business like others in the area was presented with the difficult decision on how to cover overheads. Refunding workshops would cost the business thousands.

Chocolate Shop Creativity

With creativity at the heart of this business, owner Barbara Farrow decided if her customers could not come to her chocolate making workshops over Easter, she would bring the experience to them. “I called the team together and we created an Easter Bunny House kit with printed instructions we could post to all our workshop attendees. Offering this as a replacement to our workshops means we can still offer the experience our customers love, and avoid refunds which would cost my business thousands.” Barbara explained.

“Within an hour of placing this announcement on our Facebook page we received so much support. We also received messages from people who were not booked on our workshops who wanted to buy the kits.”

This inspired the team to create two further kits including Egg Heads and Chocolate Lollies. For the grown up ‘kids’ the team have created a truffle making kit which can be ordered online with other Mother’s Day and special occasion chocolate gifts.

Barbara continued, “We had no plans to create homemade kits as we love welcoming our customers into our busy workshops. It’s been great that as a team we’ve gone from feeling very deflated we might have to close, to putting all our energy into helping our business thrive.”

Stamford Heavenly Chocolates handcrafts a range of Belgium chocolates including seasonal, occasional to delicious treats and gifts. They have a full stocked chocolate shop in Stamford which continues to remain open for local customers. Alternatively customers can visit the online shop 

[Update: Stamford Heavenly Chocolates moves to its new location at Sacrewell 24 August 2020]