Master Class & Team Building Workshops

Get creative, build, work together and have fun in this chocolate master class or team building workshop.

A packed interactive and engaging workshop for your team or business group. Choose between a chocolate truffle master class or team building competition.

Master Class Workshop

Participants will be given guided instructions and all the ingredients, decoration and packaging allowing them to master the art of handmade Belgium truffles.

Team Building Workshop

Alternatively, working in teams, participants will have the chance to create a selection of truffles. Each team can choose from a selection of flavourings, ingredients and decorations to create their handmade masterpiece. With a supplied range of boxes, bags, ribbons and bows each team will be tasked with packaging their delicious chocolates. After giving their collection a name, each team will give a presentation to the judges. Teams will be awarded points on flavours, creativity and team work. This is a great way to boost creativity, communication and presenting skills.

These workshops are also a great addition to any corporate conferences or events and networking events.

Group of min 15 People

2hr - Master Class

3hr - Team Building


All ingredients and packaging included

Prizes for all the winners of the winning team

(Primary) Educational Workshops

We bring the practical learning and creativity of making chocolate into your school. Our workshop leader will guide the pupils through making a selection of hand crafted chocolates including a chocolate bar, using moulds and decorations.

While the chocolate creations set, pupils will move onto designing their own chocolate bar wrappers. Each pupil will be given a blank wrapper and decorations to get creative. When the wrappers are completed, pupils will next wrap up their hand crafted chocolate bars and have them ready to take home. There is as much fun in this workshop for the teachers as there is the pupils!

The focus of our chocolate making workshops is to provide the practical elements of making chocolate. This is to compliment your classroom teaching about chocolate.

If you have a specific theme, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we can tailor our workshops, and we will also be happy to work with you to create bespoke themed sessions to support your classroom learning.

Min 15 - 60 children

75mins (up to 30 children)


All ingredients, flavouring and decorations included

Printed factsheet for pupils


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